Adlead Internet, S.L., (from here on Adlead) follows all the dispositions in Law "Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico, en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre," about Personal Data Protection and other European directives, and thus it has created this Terms and Conditions.

Adlead mainly offers a free service with which registered users will have access to a tool for developing their own news, stories, comments, and so promotion system. Using the portal makes you a User, and implies the agreement of every dispositions included in this terms and conditions, so, if you don't agree with any of this terms of use you should'nt use/access this portal.


The use of this portal is subject to the next conditions, which may be updated periodically and without previous advise. Also the portal ( responsible enterprise
) reserves it's right to modify, in any moment and without previous advise, offered services and any information accesible through the portal. The use of the portal asumes the perfect knowledge and the express agreement of the mentioned conditions by the User.

Adlead has the right to upgrade, modify or delete without previous advise the service and/or contents of the portal attending any reason.


The User compromises to make a fair use of the portal and not to use it to make illegal activities or contrary to good faith, to the legal ordering; also the User compromises not to make damage to the fisical or logical systems of Adlead, to it's service providers or third person ones, use or difusion of informatic viruses or any other informatic fisical or logical systems capable of making the above mentioned damages without forgetting all those that vulnere the honor, the personal or familiar intimacy of third ones, or that are illegal or against morality, being the User in that case responsible of it's actions, and exempting Adlead of any reclamation, legal or not.

Also the user is the only responsible of the stories and informations published, exempting Adlead of any reclamation, legal or not.

Adlead will pursue the infringement of the above conditions, as any misuse of the portal, even blocking or deleting the User account, editing or deleting ofensive text and also with all the posible legal actions.

Adlead won't be held responsible of any damage caused to the User in case of service interruption, God acts, fortuite cases or other causes not caused by the portal.

Adlead in no case will be responsible for the wrong operation of the portal in case of maintenance or similars, in case of incidences caused by international servers or operators, in case of a wrong configuration of the User computer or in case of it's insuficient capacity to support the necesary informatic systems for the use of the portal.

Comunications and notifications: All the comunications and notifications made will be efective in all cases when they are made to the mail entered by the User.The User is oblied to inform Adlead in case of modification of his data or the registered email, so Adlead can inform the User of the events Adlead considers oportune. The User agrees that those data and email have been given by him and that they are completely true.


The whole responsibility in the determination of the contents and services to which the minors access is from the legally adult that are responsible of them. As internet makes posible the access to contents not adecuate to minors, we inform to the Users that there are mecanism, particularly informatic programs to filter and block, that make able to limit the available content and, even they aren't infalible, they are of special utility to control and restrict the materials to which the minors can access.

Even though, Adlead advises that the User that wants to use the tools that it gives to build a news promotion web must be legally adult. Adlead has the right to block or delete the subscription of a User to the portal in case of breaking of this obligation.


The portal uses cookies, cookies are those informatic fisical files hosted in the User's own terminal and that are useful for improving navigation of the User in the portal. The User has the posibility to configure the navigator to avoid installation of these files.

Adlead does not asume any responsibility about external links included, as it doesn't have any kind of control of them, so the User access under it's own and only responsibility to the content and in the terms and conditions of them.

Also, by publishing a link no relation is established between Adlead and the owner of the linked webpage, neither the aprovation of it's content or services.


Adlead protects personal data as stablished in the "Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos y el Reglamento de Medidas de Seguridad". Information about data protection is covered in the Privacy Policy.

Adlead has taken the necesary measures to avoid personal data alteration, lost, access or use, having in account the technology, anyway the User must be aware that internet security measures can always be overriden.

In case of introduction of personal data from other people than the User, the User must advise them, previously, about the content of the Privacy Policy.

Adlead can store and use the User IP address to analyze traffic, administer the portal an make a general portal use study. Adlead never associates personal data to IP addresses. Adlead can also use web analysis services (As Google Analytics or similar) to analize the use that Users make of the portal.


The service will be given, initially, with an indefinite duration. Adlead, either way, is authorised terminate the service in any moment.


Terms of use of the portal are governed by Spanish legislation. This Terms and Conditions are based in the Spanish version located here In case of misstraduction the correct Terms and Conditions will be the ones written in Spanish